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From Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, this is CONTEST OF CHALLENGERS, a comics industry business podcast.
Hosted by Challengers' owners Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush.
1845 N Western Ave | Chicago, IL 60647 | 773.278.0155
Will Eisner "Spirit of Comics" Retailer Award Recipient 

Aug 10, 2020

It’s as if people have already forgotten there’s a global pandemic.
Fun interactions with ‘customers.’
The tools with which we learned to sell comics are no longer valid.
The invisible tastemakers of todays comics.
TMNT The Last Ronin is going to be huge!
Does anyone care about the 10 covers for Detective...

Aug 3, 2020

11 years of this Podcast!
SO many projects to get done at the store.
‘Caution Codes’ as part of an items name.
Even MORE Alex Ross ‘Timeless’ variant covers are coming.
Not seeing the joy of comics in our work.
An update on using Pullbox.
Thanks, Patrons!

Jul 27, 2020

We got a Google review that says we don’t look people in the eyes…
We did not receive our copies of Batman #95 this week, mere days after we talked about things going fairly well with the new DC Comics distribution set-up.
The uncertain future of comics and comics retail.
Our webstore/store point-of-sale system...

Jul 20, 2020

Two and ½ weeks of receiving DC Comics from Lunar Distribution.
After getting stuck with SO MANY copies of the tie-in series for War of the Realms and Absolute Carnage, we went really low on all the Empyre tie-ins. And now you all want Empyre tie-ins.
DC is moving their Final Order Cutoff day up by 1 day,...

Jul 13, 2020

Patrick was interviewed by David Harper for’s mid-year check-in.
Richie Kotzen rules!!
Lots of comic companies and retailers got Paycheck Protection loans.
Marvel + Scholastic = The Future.
A brief AEW digression.
Diamond’s Pullbox is here!