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From Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, this is CONTEST OF CHALLENGERS, a comics industry business podcast about the businees of running a comic book shop.
Hosted by Challengers' owners Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush.
1845 N Western Ave | Chicago, IL 60647 | 773.278.0155
Will Eisner "Spirit of Comics" Retailer Award Recipient 

Oct 29, 2018

Patrick talked to Aubrey Sitterson and Chris Moreno about The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling. And the recording turned out to be virtually unlistenable due to technological issues. So… Patrick recreates the conversation entirely in his voice, minus most of his actual dialog. Sound weird? It is! But it was...

Oct 22, 2018

Just like episode #177 from 4 years ago, Patrick is recovering from surgery so Dal has to work every day. That leads to asking if time away makes one like comics more or less than being at a store all the time?
If we become millionaires (outside of comics retail, of course) would Challengers still exist?
Trying to keep...

Oct 15, 2018

This episode does not contain an interview with Aubrey Sitterson and Chris Moreno from The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling, and we tell you the unfortunate reason why.
Hopefully, the end of the continuing story of Challengers and our alarm company.
Paperwork and bureaucracy!
Ace Comic Con Chicago is...

Oct 8, 2018

Good news-- we did not get broken into this week! So that's 1 week in a row!
The continuing story of Challengers and our (for now) alarm company. Add that to our wonky A/C bent front door and we have 3 too many maintenance issues at the moment.
More security measures will be put into place.
The New York Comic Con was...

Oct 1, 2018

Dark Matter has a new retail coffee shop right across the street from Challengers.
We got broken into and robbed… again.
We loved Heroes in Crisis #1 and don’t understand people that are so anti-Tom King.
Dal is looking forward to Gran Morrison’s Green Lantern. Patrick, not so much.
More love for Man-Eaters #1,...