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From Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, this is CONTEST OF CHALLENGERS, a comics industry business podcast.
Hosted by Challengers' owners Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush.
1845 N Western Ave | Chicago, IL 60647 | 773.278.0155
Will Eisner "Spirit of Comics" Retailer Award Recipient 

Oct 25, 2020

Nah Man, We’re Good.
…but thanks for thinking of us.
Another new layout for Sidekicks, decided upon in real time (Recorded first but added to the end of the episode, and the we still talk about it at the new start. What is even happening??).
Too much cardboard!!
Plush cake.
Lunar Distribution becomes the only distributor of DC Comics starting in 2021.
When a twice delinquent subscriber wants to subscribe again.
Difficulties uploading the December 2020 DC orders.
Working more at night than ever before (including typing this very sentence!).