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From Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, this is CONTEST OF CHALLENGERS, a comics industry business podcast.
Hosted by Challengers' owners Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush.
1845 N Western Ave | Chicago, IL 60647 | 773.278.0155
Will Eisner "Spirit of Comics" Retailer Award Recipient 

Mar 9, 2020

A Challenger Loves Ya (Contest of Challengers)
Who are we and what is this podcast?
Challengers loves ya! Well, *A* Challenger loves ya.
The spread of coronavirus Covid-19 is, understandably, wreaking havoc on comic convention schedules.
Paying rent shouldn’t be this complicated.
Implementing ideas that we got from Comikaza’s Jackob Sareli, including Final Order Instagram posts and a Challengers Subscribers Facebook group.
Volunteer Help Wanted.
Curating the Chicago Board Game Café’s graphic novel section.
DECORUM #1 comes out this week. You’ll probably want to buy it.