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From Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, this is CONTEST OF CHALLENGERS, a comics industry business podcast.
Hosted by Challengers' owners Patrick Brower and W. Dal Bush.
1845 N Western Ave | Chicago, IL 60647 | 773.278.0155
Will Eisner "Spirit of Comics" Retailer Award Recipient 

May 28, 2018

Obligatory Mach Kick (Transformers) reference! There may be one every week moving forward!
An in-depth discussion about a new Yelp review, and the responses we chose not to send.
When comic fans become comic creators, and the role comic shops play in them getting there (via Joe Field’s Twitter, @FlyCoJoe).
We have a Kids Comics Workshop (with Gabi Mendez and Sheika Lugtu).
Announcing the Challengers Correspondence Club, hosted by Letter Writers Alliance co-founder Donovan Challenger!
Patrick really enjoys Image’s “Skyward” and Brian Michael Bendis’ “Man of Steel” #1 (out this week).
Some of the current weekly titles aren’t doing as well as we were hoping.
GDPR- the new European Union security rules! We’re sure you’ve gotten a ton of emails about this. Does it affect Challengers?
Once again a store credit card got hacked. Is paying at the gas pump to blame?